Asuka Method At Home Ballet


FLOW and BREATHE in Ballet

with Asuka Method Original Music!


“I tend to stop breathing in a ballet training.”

“I want to pull the best performance out of myself .”



Asuka Method At Home

What is Asuka Method At Home Ballet?

The Asuka Method is a unique methodology created to focus on true consciousness and creativity by using and connecting the elements of dance styles such as technique and musicality.

Asuka Method Ballet is programmed to find the right placement and right the balance of tension and relaxation.

By adding the organic movements (more movement in the spine) and different movements which don’t necessarily belong to ballet you are forced to listen and to adapt to the body and the music on any particular day to keep the body and mind (which is constantly changing for your whole life) all natural and healthy.

This enables you to naturally enjoy your body and dance for the long term.


This program includes warming up, ballet barre exercises, and cool down, that is 12 exercises in total.

All the exercise are created on the Asuka Method Original Music.



Currently, Asuka Method At Home Ballet’ 1 and 2 are available, each of which includes 12 exercises

But I strongly recommend you to start from 1 to learn correctly. 

‘Asuka Method At Home Ballet’ 1 is for Beginners / Intermediate level.

‘Asuka Method At Home Ballet’  2 is  for Intermediate / Advanced level.

It requires the basic knowledge and experience of ballet.

In both classes I took time to explain well but in case you are not really familiar with the different element or dance styles such as Yoga, Jazz dance, African dance, House dance.

I recommend you to try the ‘Asuka Method At Home’ series first. Please feel free to contact me if you feel difficult to choose.





I offer each 100 min. program which includes 12 exercises for:

1 week: 20 euro    

2 weeks: 25 euro 

In this period, you can watch and practice as many times as you like.

I recommend you to practice at least 3 times to feel the physical and mental effect!


If you are interested in online private session to learn a proper lesson or get physical / mental advice, please check the “Online Private Session” page.


Order HERE! :) 

Did you check “Asuka Method At Home” series too?

You can find “the warming up exercise” also at Amsterdam Dance Centre Online ! 

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