Asuka Method Dance Education


This is for the schools and the dancers who focus on creating the dance career in the future. Asuka is a very experienced teacher in working with the young dancers. She used to connect to the Amsterdam University of Arts where she taught at pre-education, urban contemporary,and dance teachers department. She is good at in seeing the dancers what they need and giving the personal approaches and corrections. So that they can pull the best out of themselves in natural way. She makes sure that they learn the right knowledge to be able to enjoy dance for long time. 

Asuka Method education
“Asuka taught me to always keep challenging myself and stay positive minded in class. She gave me the opportunity to express myself as a dancer but at the same time she helped me to build up a strong classical technique.” – Blanca

Please feel free to contact me for teaching. 

Danshuis Haarlem pre-education

Beyond Basic pre-education


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