Asuka Method Ballet / Point class


Asuka Method Ballet is programmed to find the right placement and right the balance of tension and relaxation.

By adding the organic movements (more movement in the spine) and different movements which don’t necessarily belong to ballet you listen and adapt to the body and the music on any particular day to keep the body and mind (which is constantly changing for your whole life) all natural and healthy.

She teaches you how efficiently and how naturally you bring ballet to your own body, how to get the best out of yourself, how to enjoy ballet for a long term, and how to enjoy yourself. 


Asuka Method Ballet on the barre


Where can you follow this class?

at Amsterdam Dance Centre

On Wednesdays  19:00-20:30 


Where to find me each week


at Amsterdam Dance Centre

On Sundays  10:00-11:30 Asuka Method Foundation Class

11:30-12:00 Asuka Method Point Class


at Studio Anna Mora  

On Thursdays 18:00-19:00 Asuka Method Foundation Class


at Sento Spa and Health Club Amsterdam  

On Mondays 20:00-21:15 Asuka Method Yoga Flow




“Asuka is one of the best ballet teachers I have ever come across because of her ability to make ballet easy by breaking down techniques, making people listen to their own bodies and more importantly, enjoy themselves.” – Suk Yang Netherlands/China 

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