Asuka Method Foundation Class

Asuka Method Foundation class


How can we listen to our new voice and use it to create authentic happiness and freedom through dance? We are naturally born with it which means we do not need to change a single thing about ourselves.

The Asuka Method is a unique methodology created to focus on true consciousness and creativity by using and connecting the elements of dance styles such as technique and musicality. You will improve your dance technique in the dance style you are already comfortable with, by moving slightly differently in accordance with the music of the Asuka Method in order to increase the awareness of the fundamental purpose of the techniques. In Asuka Method, you will learn how you need to move differently and through which movements you need to change in order to improve your own dance technique. This creates a strong body and mind with resilience, adaptability, and stability, it maximizes your abilities and skills.

When I got close to myself, I ended up getting more power from the universe, grew much more as a dancer and and as a human being and got a lot more opportunities as a result of this.

It was such a beautiful experience that I decided to share with you.

I offer a space where you feel safe and free to try the same by yourself, and I will guide you to reach your own goal.




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