“Asuka makes us hum and sing in class, so we miraculously start breathing again and everything looks so much lighter and easier. I love Asuka’s classes, she has a way of making me feel free and relaxed so I dare to try new things and don’t feel judged. She is so supportive and clever: finding the right approach to each individual. I simply feel welcome!” – Bregje (🇳🇱)

“The biggest challenge and joy for me is the musicality. It’s unique and unpredictable, that makes you dance.” – Yuliya (🇷🇺)

“Awareness to the next level.”- Rebecca (🇳🇱)

“Asuka is one of the best ballet teachers I have ever come across because of her ability to make ballet easy by breaking down techniques, making people listen to their own bodies and more importantly, enjoy themselves.” – Suk Yang (🇳🇱🇨🇳)

“Asuka taught me to always keep challenging myself and stay positive minded in class. She gave me the oppertunity to express myself as a dancer but at the same time she helped me to build up a strong classical technique.” – Blanca (🇳🇱)

“Asuka is a very inspirational dance teacher from her knowledge and open minded character. I am impressed how sincerely and professionally she helps or corrects students- I learn so much from her and she gives me a lot of aha moment. She is very friendly and helpful, so I feel very comfortable in her class” – Yvonne (🇹🇼)