“The Asuka Method class somehow feels very well known and natural while strange and very different at the same time. You’re forced to really listen to YOUR own body while Asuka helps leading your exploration. In her class you will not only meet yourself of course but also get a glance on how Asuka experiences music and movement. Also you’ll witness her great observation skills – I never left her class without personalized tips, tricks and exercises. To me it’s a great start in a day of dancing as you’re not only warm but also very connected and aware.” – Nadine (🇩🇪)

“Rediscovering the joy of dancing again through the freedom of the movements. And it is functional. -Almania (🇮🇹)”

“Asuka makes us hum and sing in class, so we miraculously start breathing again and everything looks so much lighter and easier. I love Asuka’s classes, she has a way of making me feel free and relaxed so I dare to try new things and don’t feel judged. She is so supportive and clever: finding the right approach to each individual. I simply feel welcome!” – Bregje (🇳🇱)

“The biggest challenge and joy for me is the musicality. It’s unique and unpredictable, that makes you dance.” – Yuliya (🇷🇺)

“Went to Asuka Method Class not knowing what to expect. At the end of the day, I learnt how to let the body flow. Absolute love the movements and a complete contrast to what I’m used to. My body is generally quite stiff so movements like these are really helpful.” – Mike (🇬🇧)

“Awareness to the next level.”- Rebecca (🇳🇱)

Asuka uses decent (ballet) technique in her Asuka Method class and she combines that with many different styles like African dance, Modern, Belly dance/Hip Hop, yoga, yin yoga and even a bit of partner dance. All movement sequences are done with a lot of awareness and creativity flows everywhere. I think it’s a great class if you want technique but in a fun way. It’s very accessible for beginners as well!”      -Esther(🇳🇱)

“Asuka is one of the best ballet teachers I have ever come across because of her ability to make ballet easy by breaking down techniques, making people listen to their own bodies and more importantly, enjoy themselves.” – Suk Yang (🇳🇱🇨🇳)

“Asuka taught me to always keep challenging myself and stay positive minded in class. She gave me the oppertunity to express myself as a dancer but at the same time she helped me to build up a strong classical technique.” – Blanca (🇳🇱)

“Asuka is a very inspirational dance teacher from her knowledge and open minded character. I am impressed how sincerely and professionally she helps or corrects students- I learn so much from her and she gives me a lot of aha moment. She is very friendly and helpful, so I feel very comfortable in her class” – Yvonne (🇹🇼)