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What is Asuka Method?

The Asuka Method is a unique dance methodology that has been created to focus on true consciousness and creativity by using and connecting the elements of dance styles such as technique and musicality.

All the exercises invite you to flow and breathe through the body with the Asuka Method original music.
It is created to train the awareness of fundamental human body movements. By combining the organic movements and various movements from different dance styles, you are invited to listen and to adapt to the body and the music on any particular day to keep your body and mind (which has been constantly changing for your whole life) all natural and healthy.

Everything that we think, feel or do is down to our own choices. Have you ever thought about where it comes from? We build up the tendency of choices through our experiences.

By being grounded to our own nature and connecting to the universe, we become even more aware of what we experience, and aware of our true inner self. We are naturally born with it which means we do not need to change a single thing about ourselves.

The Asuka Method offers the space and time where we feel safe to experience and to explore how to create our authentic happiness and freedom

Let’s spread our wings and fly as we want – all the while enjoying being ourselves and having fun. I will help guide you to reach higher and hit your own individual goals.

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