“ASUKA METHOD AT HOME” is available ! 


“ONLINE PRIVATE SESSION” is available too ! 

“Rediscovering the joy of dancing again through the freedom of the movements. And it is functional.” – Almania Italy

“Awareness to the next level!” – Rebecca Netherlands

“You’ll witness her great observation skills – I never left her class without personalized tips, tricks and exercises.” – Nadine Germany




Asuka Method Class


What is Asuka Method?

It is a new dance method that has been created to capture the pure essence of dance and life. Once I heard my inner voice, but I was not sure how to interpret things and felt myself struggling due to this. In the meantime, I set about trying to learn different dance styles and different cultures from across the world. This had the advantage of putting me in completely different environments which led to me making very different movements to which I was doing before. It was then that I discovered myself and the meaning of that inner voice I was previously hearing. I realized that everything that we think, feel or do is down to our own choices. Did you know that? Have you ever thought about where it comes from? This all comes from your true inner self. How can we listen to our new voice and use it to create authentic happiness and freedom through dance? We are naturally born with it which means we do not need to change a single thing about ourselves. It is a unique methodology focus on true consciousness and creativity by using and connecting the elements of dance styles such as technique and musicality. This class has been designed for strength building, a good night’s sleep, stress reduction, improvement of blood and energy circulation, mindfulness, pain reduction, correction of the posture, and improvement in flexibility of your spine. Let’s spread our wings and fly as we want – all the while enjoying being ourselves and having fun. I will help guide you to reach higher and hit your own individual goals.