Asuka Method


Asuka Method Foundation Class

The Asuka Method is a unique dance methodology that has been created to focus on true consciousness and creativity by using and connecting the elements of dance styles such as technique and musicality.

You will improve your dance technique in the dance style you are already comfortable with, by moving slightly differently in accordance with the music of the Asuka Method in order to increase the awareness of the fundamental purpose of the techniques. In the Asuka Method, you will learn how you need to move differently and through which movements you need to change in order to improve your own dance technique. This creates a strong body and mind with resilience, adaptability, and stability, it maximizes your abilities and skills.

The Asuka Method offers the space and time where we feel safe to experience and to explore how to create our authentic happiness and freedom.

Let’s spread our wings and fly as we want – all the while enjoying being ourselves and having fun. I will help guide you to reach higher and hit your own individual goals.

Asuka Method Ballet / Point class

The Asuka Method is a unique methodology created to focus on true consciousness and creativity by using and connecting the elements of dance styles such as technique and musicality.

Asuka Method Ballet is programmed to find the right placement and right balance of tension and relaxation.

By adding the organic movements (more movement in the spine) and different movements which don’t necessarily belong to ballet you are invited to listen and to adapt to the body and the music on any particular day to keep the body and mind (which is constantly changing for your whole life) all natural and healthy.

This enables you to naturally enjoy your body and dance for the long term.

Asuka Method Yoga Flow

It is a new dance method to create your own authentic happiness and freedom with yoga essence.
By making a lot of movements through the spine and dancing together with original music, we create a certain flow. It activates your entire body, mind and soul and creates a better balance.
In this class you recognize that she uses a lot of yoga elements.
It works for strength building, a good night’s sleep, stress reduction, improvement of blood and energy circulation, mindfulness, pain reduction, correction of the posture, and improvement of flexibility of the spine.
Let’s spread our wings and fly as we want while enjoying being ourselves.

Asuka Method In The Air

On Tuesdays 18:00-19:00 at Amsterdam Zuid ( the summer edition: at this moment not available)
Let’s dance Asuka Method in the Air!
Surround ourselves with nature and come back to true ourselves.
What do you need?

  • water
  • yogamat

1 lesson : 10 euro
Dancing in the air is really nice but we are really depending on the weather. The class will happen with minimum 2 people. You can sign up until 15:00 on the day of the class.
We will decide at 16:00 if the class happens and in case the class will be canceled we will announce to you by email.

Asuka Method Dance Education

This is for the schools and the dancers who focus on creating a dance career in the future. Asuka is a very experienced teacher in working with the young dancers. She used to teach at the pre-education, urban contemporary,and dance teachers department at the Amsterdam University of Arts. Her strength is being able to see the dancers what they need and giving the personal approaches and corrections. So that they can pull the best out of themselves in a natural way. She makes sure that they learn the right knowledge to be able to enjoy dancing for a long time.

Asuka Method Choreography

Asuka creates her choreography by combining the different dance styles mainly on her own music. Her knowledge, experience, and music taste are diverse so that she choreographs on the various music from classical to house music.
She finds the art in pulling the deep inside of the dancers out to express. She offers the space and time where we feel safe and allowed to be ourselves. So that we can connect to true ourselves and the universe. She believes then the most beautiful art comes out. Her choreography is unique, musical, and challenging for the dancers.

Asuka Method Pop Up Class / Workshop

Are you interested in the Asuka Method Pop up class or workshop?
Asuka will help you to reach your own goal; for your health, peace, creativity, body control, musicality, and to develop your skills. And the most important thing is to enjoy being yourself.
You want to improve your dance technique?
Improve how you dance? Prepare for an audition?
Train your awareness to reach your own goal quickly!
Each class will be customized according to participants’ needs and wishes.

Just tell me what you are looking for 🙂