Take time for yourself through online lessons 

The Asuka Method is a unique dance method to help focus on true consciousness and creativity.

It gives you enough time and space to listen to your own body.

The class has been designed for strength building, a good night’s sleep, stress reduction, improvement of blood and energy circulation, mindfulness, pain reduction, correction of the posture, and improvement in the flexibility of your spine.

              Asuka uses the “Asuka Method At Home” videos too to be able to

show you the details of the exercises.


Saturdays at 9:00-10:00 

Mondays at 7:30-8:30 

(Amsterdam time) 


-a mobile device (computer, phone, tablet), stable internet, and a silent environment

-a yoga mat: it is not necessary but if you have one you might feel more comfortable and can protect your knees.


1 lesson 8euro

How does the class work?

After confirming the booking and going through payment we then send you the link for the zoom meeting.

Log in with your mobile device (phone/tablet) or computer and make sure that you have a calm environment to be able to focus on the class and a stable internet connection.

Please turn your camera on so that Asuka can communicate with you and give the right corrections and advice. She will mute you in the beginning of the class so that everyone can listen to her voice and music. In case you have a question feel free to un-mute yourself and ask your question.

You can register yourself until 2 hours before the class starts. The class will happen with a min. of 2 people. In case there are not enough people to do the class we will send you the email and you can save the class for the next time.